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It all started with Ray Crubel and his son, Don. Traveling the Midwest and building post offices, Ray and Don arrived in Manhattan, Kansas in 1963, just as Tuttle Creek Reservoir was nearing completion. Recognizing the opportunity to build homes around the newly formed lake, Ray and Don, along with their families, decided to set down roots and start business as D&R Construction.

With Ray retiring in 1986 and Don retiring in 2015, the day-to-day running of the business was handed over to Don’s sons, Tracy and John. Both are in the field every day, continuing the family legacy of quality construction, attention to detail, and great customer satisfaction.

Ray & Don Crubel


Co-Owners of D&R Construction


Don & Sylvia Crubel


Tracy & Theresa Crubel


John & Peggy Crubel

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